Accolution develops and executes strategic financial and operational solutions to increase your business' profitability, support its continued growth and maximize your business' value. Our part time CFOs work with companies that choose not to hire a full time CFO or who require additional financial assistance within their organization.

The single largest source of wealth for the majority of business owners and managers is their business. In addition, your business typically represents your largest source of personal annual income.

As a result, what are you doing to protect your business? Most individuals have personal financial planners to protect and grow their personal “cash” (tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars). Most businesses are worth thousands or millions of dollars. How many business owners have a business financial planner to ensure their single largest source of wealth – their business – continues to grow in value and continues to provide an attractive and increasing annual income?

Accolution can help your business by providing a business financial planner - commonly called a CFO (Chief Financial Officer). We provide part time CFOs to maximize the value and profitability of your business. Our CFOs accomplish this by ensuring your business continues to improve its profitability and performance by providing strategic financial expertise and solutions. Our CFOs work with you and your business – a trusted, financial business partner.

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